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Hope to the Third Power

  Last Saturday, June 11, we held a launch party for The Liberty Collective, a non-profit organization that I am starting with my phenomenal sisters Erika and Kelli. Our goal is to help spread hope and light to people fighting cancer, in the form of three silk scarves gifted to every person and the stories [...]
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We’re Girls. We Share.

Sister weekends have become something of a tradition in our family. Every six months or so we try to fit a joint journey into our mutually hectic lives. Last fall, I needed to travel to Boston for a conference, so I promptly talked my two left coast sisters into meeting me there. We had an [...]
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The Gift of Forward Motion

The other day in yoga class, my teacher Savonn was talking about how February can often feel like a month where we are at loose ends. After the full on attack of the holidays and the hurry up offense of January, February just kind of stares us down. Not yet spring but no longer really [...]
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Coming Full Circle

So I said I was done with my blog. And I think I am. But these days, as I (and you?) continue to live “amongst the waves,” I keep bumping into situations and thoughts that I feel compelled to share. I’m in London this week on work travel. Just about a year ago I visited [...]
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Smile, World.

“To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. To change without journeying is to be a chameleon. To journey and be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim.” Mark Nepo, shared with me by my favorite pilgrim and amazing yoga instructor, Savonn I have come to the end of this chapter [...]
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The Penultimate Me.

Welcome to my penultimate post. I first learned the power of “second-to-last” through my career in advertising. Penultimate TV episodes were something we often would seek out.  Not as expensive as a series finale, they offered so much more than the sometimes overblown, often disappointing final episode of a season. There is still room for [...]
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New Growth

We have slipped into October and I have never been happier to welcome an autumn. With treatments behind me, I am now back at work and back at life. And while it might be fall everywhere you look, I’m witnessing my own personal spring. I have a fresh crop of downy hair that’s softer than [...]
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Elephant Days

My name is Hadley and I’m writing a guest post for my mom’s blog. When my mom got cancer, people told me to write in a journal and sometimes gave me books. Not my style. I prefer to sit in my room for an hour and think. One night when I was thinking I came [...]
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Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

As I look back on this journey (and near the end of this blog), I am struck at how healing solutions and people came into my life at just the right time. Call it fate, kismet, or karma … Yes, the universe had plans for me that I didn’t anticipate. But, it also wanted to [...]
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You Came to See a Race.

Look up.   Because that’s where I’m looking. I’m in full recovery mode now, having come through surgery last Friday with flying colors. I’m achy and taking my time to get all my mobility and strength back. But, my sense of “self” has slowly and solidly come back as the chemo departs from my body. And [...]
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