Hope to the Third Power


All dolled up to launch the Liberty Collective!

Last Saturday, June 11, we held a launch party for The Liberty Collective, a non-profit organization that I am starting with my phenomenal sisters Erika and Kelli. Our goal is to help spread hope and light to people fighting cancer, in the form of three silk scarves gifted to every person and the stories that go with them.

Danny MC'd the night in various states of scarf attire. Looking good, my friend.

As I explained to the crowd that gathered last weekend, the idea of scarves came from my own personal experience as I was going through a summer of cancer treatment and the healing season that followed. When I hunted and gathered silk scarves online, I experienced a real emotional ride.

The power of a beautiful scarf!

I was awed at the craft of these rich pieces that were often hand stitched and sometimes a little worn on the edges. They were almost always stunning in color and form and I was amazed at how unique each one was.  Often when I bid on and won a vintage scarf online, I would weep when it came to my mailbox and I ripped open the envelope. I could almost feel the presence of the women that wore it before. I swear some of those scarves almost hummed with this energy.

Kate and Dan looking sharp!


Sam and Emma were dedicated to hanging scarves in our scarf gallery. They did a wonderful job!

And the fresh ones that were especially purchased new for me from dear friends carried an equivalent amount of life force. I could almost see through their eyes as they had carefully picked out the pattern they thought I’d like, feel their hands as they must have swept them across the silky texture and hold their hearts as they wrapped the scarf up to share with me when I needed it most.

Beautiful Rebecca, wearing one of my favorite scarves that was gifted from some good friends last summer.

Last Saturday night, that emotional connection was exponential. Surrounded by amazing friends and family and a beautiful setting at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland Oregon, we were steeped in love and support.  We raffled off some great prizes, we auctioned incredible desserts baked by wonderful friends and most of all, we had a great time. All in all, we received over 120 insanely gorgeous and unique scarves and were so touched by the generosity of the donations. It was a sight to behold.

Ricky's table wins big in the dessert auction!

One of the many donated, home baked delicious desserts. This one was called, "Mama told me there'd be cakes like these."

Today I am still aglow and wish I could tell you all how sincerely thankful I am.


I should climb to the top of Mt Hood and fly a giant banner for all to see.  I should paint each of your names on the side of every boat on the Willamette River.  I should tie a giant scarf on the neck of Portland’s neon white stag!

Good friends looking good and doing good. We are bringing the scarf back into fashion people!

Thank you Nancy, Pat and Jenny!

And if I could, I would.

Instead, I will do what you did. I will honor those ahead of me in their fight with cancer. In the coming months we will focus on trying to build up our bank of scarves so that we can reach as many people as possible.  We will also be working on the digital community that will enable us to connect each scarf with the story of the person that donated it and the person that is wearing it through their own journey to Cancer-land, and hopefully back.


Spencer rocks a sweet scarf.

My good friend Kori, a fellow breast cancer survivor, startled me a few weeks ago when she looked me in the eye and said, “you know, we will lose some people in the Collective. Some of those scarves will come back but the people wearing them won’t.” While I had of course known this in my core, I hadn’t really faced that harsh reality.

I took a deep breath and resolved myself to launch and nurture the Liberty Collective. I am committed to ensuring that the eyes, the hands and the hearts of those we lose will continue to live on, as the three scarves they each wear get mixed into others and handed on to the next member of The Liberty Collective.

And in that way, we will not mourn their loss, but celebrate their life, exponentially.

Lovely Asia.


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