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See Me

Recently I was waiting for my usual 16 oz Tazo Refresh tea at the Nike coffee bar. I say “usual” but am really referring to the last few months. On the advice of the experts, I had willingly but very sadly given up my lattes and americanos as soon as I was diagnosed. Fortunately, I [...]
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Swimming to Shore

[Guest post by Dan, my husband] When Kerri told me she was calling her blog “Amongst the Waves,” it immediately brought back memories of my youth in Laguna Beach, California. As a kid, I was a daily fixture at the beach all summer long, but never became as comfortable in the surf as many of [...]
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Letting Go

Tonight was a big night. It started out pretty routine. After coming out of my last round of treatment pretty wiped out and wimpy, I have been happy to see myself rebound with unexpected strength and energy. Maybe it’s the sun that has finally blessed our dear Portland town with it’s beautiful and spirit lifting [...]
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Returning West to Find East

When our family moved to China, I thought that “expatriation” would surely be the most challenging part of our family’s two-year round trip adventure.  Shanghai was a world away from P-town, and another planet entirely compared to Southeast Alaska, where the girls were born. An insane skyline, incredibly frenetic but dynamic energy, more people than [...]
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Love Soup

I’ve been wishing lately that I could cook dinner for everyone that has been so kind to me. It would be quite a party. We’d all squeeze around my imaginary 100 foot long table.  Candles would be lit, we’d be outside under our clematis-covered portico on a rare warm Portland night and the blend of [...]
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Letting the Days Go By. (Once in a Lifetime.)

I keep telling everyone I’m living in the “slow lane” right now. This is an easy, short hand way of assuring my family that I’m not pushing too hard and confirming for myself that this is only a temporary, altered state. It’s been an incredible gift to be able to direct most of my energy [...]
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Talking to the Sun and the Moon.

“So… how are the kids”? I hear this question a lot these days and I’m happy to report that they are both managing quite well. It’s been a bumpy trip so far, not without drama and with more motherly/daughterly angst than usual, but all told we are holding strong. When we first got the diagnosis, [...]
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George Clooney, Where Were You?

I might be living in the slow lane these days, but I’m also learning a hell of a lot…, foggy chemo brain and all.  And one of the keenest realizations is that there is nothing sexy about the emergency room. I know.  Shocker. But for those of us who spent the mid 90’s following Nurse [...]
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Triple Threat Optimist Playlist

Have you heard the old adage about firewood? It warms you three times. Once when you haul it, second when you split/stack it and third when you burn it. I never really understood this until we moved to a small village in Southeast Alaska and spent the next seven years heating our home with whatever [...]
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Sweet Liberty (And the One That Got Away)

Welcome to episode 2 of my hair journey (for those that read my last “Hair to Eternity” post.)  In the first week after my breast cancer diagnosis, I’ll admit I went into a bit of a frantic panic.  I immediately made a list of everything I’d need to obtain to prepare for my chemo travels. [...]
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