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From Hair to Eternity

Hair has always been a non-factor for me. Mine was pretty much just “there” all my life.  Dishwatery brown; not Marcia-Brady-long-and-straight like I always wanted. Not curly cool…  Just sort of in-between. Aside from a bad bang run-in with the scissors when I was seven, the only big hair drama for me was when I [...]
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Atheist Oatmeal

Information comes roaring at you once you become diagnosed with cancer. In the first few days alone you are inundated with literature, binders, books and opinion. In a steady stream, the many different brains of all the slightly weary but steeped-in-knowledge specialists are paraded in front of you as they give you their take on [...]
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Seeking Optimist Playlist!

One month ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Without much warning….  And damn. This was not in my playbook. I’m only 42?! Not me… not possible. But it was. And it brought me to my knees. Today, with a lot of support and care, I am standing tall again and this past Thursday [...]
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